2019 Board of Directors

  • Posted on: 30 May 2019
  • By: eb09
Tony Mahmood Duke of Klinker 2011 President
Ivan Weiss Jr. Baron Hot Sparkus 2013 Past President
Chris Meyers Count Embrious 2000 1st Vice President
Todd Miller Duke of Klinker 2013 2nd Vice President
David Breen Count of Ashes 2007 Secretary
Neal Frantzen Count Embrious 2015 Treasurer
  Board Members  
Michael Fox Grand Duke Fertilious 2014 Term Expires 2021
Mitch Hoglin Count Embrious 2016 Term Expires 2021
Dan Leach Count Embrious 2008 Term Expires 2020
John Maslowski General Flameous 2001 Term Expires 2021
Josh Pelton Count of Ashes 2017 Term Expires 2020
Greg Sanchez Duke of Klinker 1986 Term Expires 2021
Jim Schmidt Count Embrious 1986 Term Expires 2020
Tom Stevens General Flameous 2015 Term Expires 2020
Iakovos Tsoukalas General Flameous 2012 Term Expires 2021
James Tvedt Count of Ashes 2008 Term Expires 2020
Mark Vogel Prince of Soot 1999 Term Expires 2020
Richard Weiss Baron Hot Sparkus 2016 Term Expires 2021
  Fire King's Committee  
Paul Knudsen Duke of Klinker 2010 Chair, Fire King Committee
Thomas Cherep Duke of Klinker 2012 Chair, Fire King Committee