The Legend

Come closer and listen, I will tell you a tale, a legend of two kings who lived on Mount Olympus.  The first is Boreas, King of the Winds.  A king who loved wind, snow and most of all, cold.  King Boreas had four brothers and he assigned a wind to each.  To his brother Titan he assigned the blustery North Wind.  To Euros he gave the Irresponsible East Wind.  Zephyrus was assigned the bountiful West Wind.  He assigned the Balmy South Wind to Notos.

King Boreas, while on his travels, came upon a winter paradise known as Minnesota.  He paused to enjoy the enchanting beauty of a magnificent group of seven gently sloping hills in whose embrace nestled a beautiful city, St. Paul.

Boreas whistled in pure ecstasy, “An ideal place.  I will make St. Paul the capital of all my domains.  It will henceforth be known to the world as the winter playground of the realm of Boreas.”  Boreas declared, “There will be a carnival in old St. Paul.”  It would be 10 days of feasting, dancing, fun and frolic.

The second King was Vulcanus.  He was the King of Fire & Warmth.  Knowing the people of Old St. Paul had grown weary of the long, cold winter he was determined to defeat Boreas and once again bring warmth to the people of St. Paul.  

Vulcanus gathered his closest advisors to prepare to do battle with the evil Boreas and his Royal Guard.  There was General Flameous – The Keeper of Flame, Baron Hot Sparkus – The Commander of the Lancer’s Legion, Grand Duke Fertilious – Minister of Propaganda, Count of Ashes – Raiser of Sleeping Spirits, Count Embrious – The King’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, Duke of Klinker – The King’s Aide de Camp and the Prince of Soot – The Wise One.

“By the great sword of Mars”, Vulcanus exclaimed, “We will free the good people of St. Paul from the icy grip of Boreas.”  They drew up a plan of battle and planned a great Coming Out for the next morning.  The attack to free the people of St. Paul would begin.

Meanwhile, Boreas had selected a Prime Minister to coordinate preparations with all the provinces and royal houses within the realm of St. Paul.  The fairest maiden of the realm was selected to be the Queen of Snows; each of his brothers was accompanied by a lovely Princess of the realm, and Klondike Kate, a Lady of Song and merriment, added her sassy but enchanting voice to the festivities.  Kate, however, was secretly allied with Vulcanus.

Throughout the 10 days of carnival Vulcanus Rex and his Mighty Krewe battled Boreas and his civil Royal Guard.  With each battle he gained many new supporters among the people.  On the 10th day of Carnival, Vulcanus and his Mighty Krewe stormed the Ice Palace and confronted the Royal Guard.  Notos, the Prince of the South Wind, had grown tired of the snow and cold and defected to Vulcanus’s side.

Upon good counsel of the Queen and in the spirit of goodwill and peace, Bores bade farewell to the people of St. Paul and fled back to Mount Olympus with his royal court.  The people of St. Paul danced in the streets and enjoyed fireworks, once again looking forward to the coming of summer’s warmth.